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Don't Remove Your Popcorn Ceiling Without Watching This First


Published on 10 January 2018
Duration 4 мιиυтєѕ αиd 37 ѕє¢σиdѕ
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Leah demonstrates how to test your popcorn ceiling or walls for the presence of asbestos.

Link to EPA Booklet "Asbestos in the Home: A Homeowner's Guide" https://nepis.epa.gov/Exe/ZyNET.exe/50000Q4K.txt?ZyActionD=ZyDocument&Client=EPA&Index=1991%20Thru%201994&Docs=&Query=&Time=&EndTime=&SearchMethod=1&TocRestrict=n&Toc=&TocEntry=&QField=&QFieldYear=&QFieldMonth=&QFieldDay=&UseQField=&IntQFieldOp=0&ExtQFieldOp=0&XmlQuery=&File=D%3A%5CZYFILES%5CINDEX%20DATA%5C91THRU94%5CTXT%5C00000005%5C50000Q4K.txt&User=ANONYMOUS&Password=anonymous&SortMethod=h%7C-&MaximumDocuments=1&FuzzyDegree=0&ImageQuality=r75g8/r75g8/x150y150g16/i425&Display=hpfr&DefSeekPage=x&SearchBack=ZyActionL&Back=ZyActionS&BackDesc=Results%20page&MaximumPages=1&ZyEntry=5

Link to Inspectapedia Guide to Asbestos in The Home: https://inspectapedia.com/hazmat/Asbestos_Materials_Photo_Guide.php

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