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Best Cheap Mattress 2021 (Top 6 Budget Beds!)


Published on 23 June 2020
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Best Cheap Mattress 2021 (Top 6 Budget Beds!). In this review, we go over our 2021 edition of the Best Cheap Mattress. In this video, we discuss our favorite budget-friendly beds in detail, and cover the main topics you want to know including price, materials, and suitable sleeper types. Below, you can find a short summary of each mattress.

Bear Mattress: Bear is a comfortable all-foam memory foam mattress with a 10" thickness and a medium to medium-firm profile. It also comes with a Celliant-infused cover to help boost recovery, sleep quality, and more.

Tuft & Needle: One of the most popular online mattresses with a wallet-friendly price tag and an accommodating neutral-foam feel. It only has 2-layers, but we think its simplicity is a part of its charm. We rated it a medium on our firmness scale.

Casper Element: Casper's entry-level mattress meant to compete with the likes of Tuft & Needle and Allswell, the online mattress from Walmart. It has a neutral-foam feel, and we rated it around a medium on our soft/firm scale.

Brooklyn Bowery: A mattress similar to Casper and Tuft & Needle in that it has an accommodating standard, neutral feel and is rated around a medium on our firmness scale.

Nectar Mattress: A memory foam mattress with a feel similar to Bear or TempurPedic. It's one of the more popular memory foam beds on the online market, and it's a little firmer and more expensive than Bear Mattress.

Allswell: The bed-in-a-box mattress offering from Walmart with a hybrid design, making it an ultra affordable mattress for people of all body types, but especially those who weigh over around 230 lb.

Bear Mattress Review:

Tuft & Needle Mattress Review:

Casper Element Mattress Review:

Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Review:

Nectar Mattress Review:

Allswell Mattress Review:

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