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Published on 08 January 2020
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Please see my other video ( https://seen.lk/watch?v=jCzwBOuasaw ) for a better view of the light being dimmed.
This remote controlled ceiling fan & LED integrated light is a space saver & it creates high airflow. My old fan with lights measured 20 3/8" from the ceiling to the lowest part of the light (longer if I measured the pull strings) & this fan/light is 10-3/8" from the ceiling. The room size is 11' x 13' 1/2" & 8' 2" from floor to ceiling & the amount of air flow & light output is more than suitable for this size room & larger. No more annoying sound of pull chains on light kits & now my kid wont hit or break the lights/fixtures playing VR (virtual reality). The fan is very quiet. Most of the sound you hear (see video) is from airflow & not the fan. When the fan is on its highest setting, the upper part of the fan body is nice & secure with no movement & there is very minimal wobble on the rotating housing for the blades so I did not need to balance it (parts included). The paint/finish on the fan body & blades is smooth, flawless & looks great. The instructions for installation are very easy to understand & the hardware bags all have different symbols (see picture) to easily identify what hardware is needed for each step. The instructions & installation are so easy, I had my 12 year old install it. All I did was talk him through it. The remote is simple to use, learn & you can mount the remote cradle with either drywall anchors & screws (included) or adhesive strip (included).

This item is not flush with the ceiling. The manufacturer can lower the mounting holes just a little & that will fix the issue. You could also raise the outlet box, I opted not to as it is not a huge issue for me. I plan on using either a chrome or matte black strip to cover the gap.

Not only do I recommend this item, I will get another for our guest room & a 56" for our master bedroom.
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